company profile / our background

          Established in 1993, Quality Ceramic Co.,Ltd. has designed manufac tured and marketed high quality ceramic tableware for household, hotel and restaurant. As one of the leading tableware manufacturers in Thailand, we proudly provide extensive tableware collections with high quality of classic, trendy, and contemporary design worldwide.

           We have selected the very best sources of raw materials and adopted the high technology from many industrialized countries including Japan.
With our stringent quality control. efficent production with flexible scale and management system, we are confident that we are able to respond promptly to rhe changing market demands.


          To be an expert in ceramic tableware and decorative items with unique designs and of highest quality which meet global market demands.


  • 1. To develop and create the best quality and unique design of ceramic tableware which meet the targeted global market demands.
  • 2. To build up strong capability and company's competitiveness with good managment organization for sustainabillity.
  • 3. To develop and strengthen company's competitive advatages by creating. developing and retainng the competent human resource and technological management.
  • 4. To enhance good relationships between stakeholders including with shareholders, customer. business partners. employees. industrial alliance, government agencies and communities and public.


In order to achieve out mission. our staffs pursue TRUST as our shared values to walk together.


          We are following ISO 9001 practice intensively to ensure that our customers will receive the best quality safery product. Apart from this, we are also concerning about social responsibility for sustainable development. Certified by Ministry of Labor and Welfare for Thai Labor Standard (MTLS,) it is guaranteed that our workers are fairly paid and have a safe and healthy working environment. Corporate Governance is our main focus in order to always be better proved by Good Corporate Governance Awards, ISO 9001 and The Member of Thailand Greenhouse Organization (TGO) : Carbon Footprint.


Aiming to produce a better quality and continuously improve,our brands reveal our intentions.

The Global Symbolic was created to express our intention to be the world of quality.

QUALITIER is our brand for "Premium Fine Porcelain" product. With special material, glaze and skillful craftsmanship. each item was specially created the characteristic household collections which surely fulfill customer the quality of life.

The Baralee Symbolic implies the magnificent dimension.

BARALEE is our brand for "Premium Fine Porcelain" unique design and fitting performance serving Ho.Re.Ca. business. We proudly offer customer the existence of universal and timeless philosophy of taste.

WHIIZZ is our brand for "New Lifestyle Premium Fine Porcelain" collection with stylish and durable characteristics. Being created with simplicily and urbanization concept. it presents the dining experience in exciting and contemparary way.

And for domestic. we distribute our product via PRATIMA CONCEPT Lifestyle Shop. the desirable place for all kinds of ceramic and decorative items.


          Our production system ranges from machine made (turning process) for plates and casting process for hollowware items. The lead time for production takes about 60-90 days. Apart from manufacturing. we also provide relating facilities in order to achieve maximum client service such as packing, gift box procerement,and transportation and etc.